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First Aid Kits – and Other Emergency Supplies

First Aid Kits - and Other Emergency Supplies

We’re not just food storage!
Do you have an emergency first aid kit?
We have all sized kits to meet just about any need and budget!

This one has 326 items!


Eat HEALTHY ! Get Great Flavor and Nutrition with Freeze Dried Foods!

Eat HEALTHY ! Get Great Flavor and Nutrition with Freeze Dried Foods!

Did you know that FREEZE DRYING foods retains the color, texture, flavor and nutrition better than de-hydrating?

There is no heat involved in the process, and therefore nutritional value is preserved!

Did you know the typical canning process used in grocery store foods destroys vitamin A, C, riboflavin, and thiamin?

Our foods are HEALTHY!
They have No Presevatives, No Pesticides, and No GMOs!

Many are Gluten-Free!


Save Money & Eat Healthier! Stop Picking Up Take-out on Your Way Home!

Save Money & Eat Healthier!   Stop Picking Up Take-out on Your Way Home!

SAVE MONEY by using Thrive Freeze Dried foods instead of picking up Take-Out on the way home!

Meal preparation is FAST and EASY!
Most meals take about 15 minutes, and all you have to add is water!

And, it’s HEALTHIER!
No preservatives, No pesticides, No GMOs!


Freeze Dried Sausage!

Freeze Dried Sausage!

The sausage crumbles are terrific with our scrambled eggs, brown rice, or potato dices!
So, keep all four on hand!
How convenient!


Freeze Dried Spices! Fresh Flavor! Long Shelf Life!

Freeze Dried Spices!  Fresh Flavor!  Long Shelf Life!

Our spices are instantly freeze dried for the unmatched flavor of fresh herbs!

Freeze dried for long shelf life.

Never run out of your favorite herbs – basil, parsley, cilantro, chives, oregano, and peppercorn.

Also try our seasoning mixes – Chef’s Choice, Italian, and Salad.


Healthier Baby Foods!

Healthier Baby Foods!

Take control over what you are feeding your baby!
Use Thrive fruits and vegetables to make healthier and more nutritious foods for your baby!
Thrive meats are pre-cooked and chopped for easy processing!
Thrive grains are organic!

No preservatives!
No pesticides!
No GMOs!
No loss of nutritional value!
Many gluten-free items!


Don’t Leave Your Food Future To Chance!

Don't Leave Your Food Future To Chance!

Did you lose your garden to drought or pests this year?

Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or a garden failure …
any of these things can make food scarce or knock out your refrigeration for a time!

Our foods need no refrigeration, even after opening …
with no loss of flavor or nutrition!

Will you have enough food to last a month or more?
Start your food storage plan for your family now!

You will not only have the convenience of having all the food you need for your daily recipes on hand,
but you will have the security of long term food storage.

And, there are more benefits:
You’ll learn to love no longer having to clean and chop meats and vegetables!
You’ll find that preparing meals will be faster, and the clean up will be easier!


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