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Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs … so Easy and Delicious!

Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs ... so Easy and Delicious!

I love the scrambled eggs …
Especially wrapped in a tortilla with hot sauce and cheese!
Or, add Thrive Freeze Dried Mushrooms, sauteed in garlic, of course … YUMMY!

So easy! Excellent flavor!
And I never run out of eggs anymore! This is my favorite product!



Healthy Foods! No Pesticides! No Preservatives! No GMOs! No Loss of Nutritional Value!

Healthy Foods! No Pesticides! No Preservatives! No GMOs! No Loss of Nutritional Value! is your source for HEALTHY freeze dried foods, emergency supplies, and food rotation systems.

Our freeze dried foods can be used in your recipes … or stored for up to 25 years!

You’ll love the convenience of having these foods on hand!
The flavor is excellent, and you never have to worry about its nutritional value!

At the same time, you have the security of building an emergency food supply for your family.

You’ll appreciate having your chicken cleaned, chopped, and ready to use …
Your potatoes already diced for hash browns …
And, your onions already chopped (no more tears)!

You’ll find so many more reasons to love having these foods in your pantry!


Huge Selection of Emergency Supplies!

Huge Selection of Emergency Supplies!

Don’t think of us as simply food storage…

We offer a fantastic variety of emergency supplies!
We can provide just about EVERYTHING you may need for your emergency supply kit!
Butane stoves, solar/crank lanterns, tents, fuel, fire starters, ponchos, sleeping bags, solar/crank radios, and more!


Quick and Healthy Complete Meals and Side Dishes! Just Add Water!

Quick and Healthy Complete Meals and Side Dishes!  Just Add Water!

Thrive “Express” Foods are perfect for FAST sides and meals!

Perfect for a snack, a rushed meal, or when you “thought” you had something to prepare, but didn’t!

Soups, chili, pasta entrees … and, rice and potato sides!
Each product is complete … you don’t have to add any ingredients except water!
Cooking times of 10 -15 minutes!

No pesticides or preservatives!

A couple of my favorites are the Southwestern Chicken & Rice and the Chili!


Food Storage and Rotation Systems

Food Storage and Rotation Systems

Take control of your family’s food security: both for quick meals and long term storage.
Start your Freeze Dried food pantry today!

We not only can provide you with foods from every food group,
but we also have great storage racks
that automatically rotate your foods for maximum freshness!

As a matter of fact, our company’s first products were food rotation storage systems!
We have shelving units in a number of different sizes …
from small in-cupboard sized racks to large free standing shelves.
The shelf system shown here is medium sized.
Find a unit that will fit perfectly into YOUR space!


Onions … Cleaned and Chopped … No More Tears!

Onions ... Cleaned and Chopped ... No More Tears!

I love these! NO MORE TEARS!

They’re convenient for any recipe – already cleaned and chopped, and always on hand with a shelf life of 25 years!

And, you can use EXACTLY the amount you need – no more left over onions to go bad in your refrigerator!

This is especially handy for those of us who cook for only one person!


Would You Like Additional Income?

Would You Like Additional Income?

Work from home, part time or full time!
Increase your income!
Start an emergency food program for your family!
And always have healthy foods on hand for your everyday recipes!


It is less expensive to start up than most home/on-line businesses. It requires only a $199 start up kit. This gives you all the information, invoices, some demo items, cookbook, and a number of foods to either try yourself, or use for promo demonstrations.

You also join their “Q” Club, purchasing $50 of food per month. You’ll find this is EASY to do! All you do is substitute buying $50 worth of food from them instead of from the grocery store. They offer all kinds of everyday items: spices, vegetables, meats, pasta, rice, eggs, milk, sauces, etc.

These foods are HEALTHY!
They have no preservatives – no pesticides – no GMOs!
There are no minimum sales requirements!
They allow you to run your business in the way you like best. You can host parties, or set up at street fairs, or display in small retail outlets, or set up a Facebook page, or simply take what comes in on-line.

If you sell over $400/mo you also get bonus free foods and half price foods – over and above your normal commission.
You also get 10% commission on any food you buy for yourself outside of the required $50/month “Q” order.

You also have the option to buy a personalized web site for $9.99/mo. It’s invaluable!



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